Giant Steps are What We Take...Walking on the Moon!

If you are looking for a marketing partner that, metaphorically speaking, walks on the moon, you are looking in the right place. Asheboro and More Marketing (AAMM) is not held back by conventional marketing philosophy. We are constantly pushing the envelope and combining our creative process with a state-of-the-art approach allowing us deliver marketing strategies that break through the clutter, get your business noticed and, most importantly, increase your bottom line. While the prevailing thought is “marketing is NOT and exact science”, we couldn’t disagree more. We deliver results because that is what our clients pay us to do.

We are entrepreneurs like you and we know, first hand, the challenges you face marketing your business. The difference is, our business is MARKETING and we have developed a marketing system that guarantees results. Our C3 Marketing System builds a strong foundation of the basics – Continuity, Consistency and Creativity. In other words, we’re not going to sell you a website, Facebook page or an SEO program like so many companies do. We are going to analyze your business and current marketing strategy. From there we will build a custom program designed specifically for your business. And the best part is, because we offer everything we recommend, you only have to work with us.

  • Jan 1, 1990

    Where We've Been

    Innovate or die.  This is the mantra we live by.  Asheboro and More Marketing was founded in January of 2011, but there is so much more to the story.  This timeline represents our journey, long before Asheboro and More Marketing existed.  You will see that, although our name and focus has changed over the year, the destination was evident and we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

  • Jun 6, 1990

    Radios, TVs and Yellow Pages, Oh My!

    Dave Johnson, Founder and CCO (Chief Creative Officer) started his marketing career in June of 1990 working for an oldies radio station, Oldies 107.5 in Portland, ME.  It was there he first used his innovative approach to marketing to become the stations top performer. He went on to become the top performer while selling television, newspaper, direct mail and yellow page advertising. He accomplished this by always putting his client's needs first and not settling for the status quo.

  • Apr 15, 1993

    The Information Super Highway

    That is what they called it when it first came online.  Dave began building websites back when you accessed the Internet with a dial-up modem. He combined traditional advertising with his knowledge of the Internet to start DNS advertising in Saco, ME. Along with offering traditional advertising agency services, it was here where Dave and his team began selling and developing websites to small and medium sized businesses.

  • Aug 30, 1996

    Paul Bunyan and Community Publications

    It was during this time that Dave discovered Community Publications.  He went to work for a community publication in Dover-Foxcroft, ME, (an area where Paul Bunyan may have swung is ax). There Dave used his cutting-edge (pun intended) marketing ideas and his growing knowledge of the Internet to help small business owners get the most from their advertising investment.

  • May 13, 1998

    Internet Pioneer or Unemployed?

    The internet began to really take off and Dave saw the writing on the wall.  He began learning everything he could about online marketing, e-commerce and was a power seller on eBay before most people knew what it was.  He also had accounts with (the online payment gateway created by Elon Musk that became PayPal) and early after they came online. During this time, he started a company called The Beanie Broker where he bought and sold hard-to-find Beanie Babies online.  When he told his mother-in-law what he was doing, she told him to get a job even though he was making a 6-figures in the comfort of his home office.

  • Sep 11, 2001

    Twin Towers and the Dot Bomb

    On 9/11/2001 Dave was working for a regional technology publication. One of the things he noticed was most of the "tech" companies were making a grave marketing mistake - they were naming their services things that a regular person wouldn't understand.  This simple concept was preventing the majority of his clients from realizing their true potential.  Shortly after 9/11, the client's that had adopted Dave's philosophy and changed the names of their services so they were easily understood, came out virtually unscathed.  Those that didn't became part of the carnage known as the DOT.BOMB.

  • Jul 10, 2004

    A Fad and the Missed Boat

    During this time, the Internet was started to make some serious headway.  Craigslist was becoming the giant they are today and traditional newspapers where trying to decide whether to take the Internet serious or whether it was a dying fad.  Dave was working for a large newspaper group at the time and recalls the day in a senior staff meeting when the publisher announced that the Internet was a fad and that they were not going to do anything different.  "People will always read the newspaper", he said. Dave resigned shortly thereafter because he knew, from first-hand experience, the Internet was going to be HUGE.  Two years later, it became evident to the publisher and the rest of the senior staff that they had missed the boat when the newspaper lost 60% of its classified revenue to the fad.  

  • Aug 20, 2008

    Early Adopters and Car Dealers

    Although the early adopters had proven that selling cars online was the next step in the automotive industry's evolution, many dealers held out for the higher margins they had become accustomed to. Dave worked for during this time and watched the early adopters crush the dealerships that were not willing to change. Many of the car dealers that didn't get on board early are still struggling today.  Some even went out of business.

  • Jan 1, 2011

    The Beginning of the Beginning

    Asheboro and More Marketing was born with their major project being Asheboro Magazine, an upbeat, positive, hyper-local community magazine for the city of Asheboro, North Carolina.  From this launch pad, Asheboro and More Marketing, along with publishing a magazine, developed websites, managed Facebook pages in the "early day" and developed a training program to teach others how to publish community magazines.  Asheboro and More Marketing was one of the original electronic magazine publishers.

The first 1000 customers will receive a signed copy of "How to get back to earth for the rest of us" once the book is finished and published.